I’ve been entertaining crowds ever since I first opened up my “Entertainment Stand” at the top of my driveway when I was 5-years old. Except for the crowds part. In the case of the entertainment stand, my driveway was the last house at the top of a road on the top of a mountain on the outskirts of a town whose population with 3000, so the only audience member I had was my dad, driving home from work one day, whose bemused look on his face while I accepted his quarter for payment is still burned into my skull. I ended up improvising a terrible skit involving a length of a garden hose I’d found in the dump. I closed the Entertainment Stand that day.

But after that. AFTER that, I’ve been entertaining crowds. Like when I was an extra in a community production of Cinderella in that same tiny town…

No wait. I promise. Crowds get entertained. They roar, they ignite! They fall over themselves in laughter. Look at what somebody Catherine Ducharme said about me one time:

“Kevan a delightful and natural presentation style that is both engaging and entertaining. His authentic hand drawn visuals connected him to the audience enhance and reinforce his messages. Kevan drew a capacity crowd – in fact we had to expand the room size — and feedback from our members was extremely positive.”

– Catherine Ducharme, VP of Professional Development for IABC

See that? Pure entertainment.

Anyhow. Since those fateful days, I’ve spoken much more, and now can offer you and your conference a half-decent experience in that keynote speaker slot you’re looking to fill.

You’ll find my mind and mouth are able to create inspiring passages advocating for empathy, culture, human-centeredness, as it pertains to marketing, UX design, content strategy, leadership, our workplaces, and more!

Let’s talk to figure out if a Kevan Gilbert talk is what your event needs.

At the very least, you can pay me 25 cents and I’ll awkwardly twirl a garden hose at you.

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