6 Rules for Online Fundraising for Non-Profits

The future of non-profit fundraising has been sealed: it’s on the web. I am sensing a frenzied agitation and excitement amongst business leaders who are thirsty for the type of success demonstrated by President Obama’s online fundraising campaign, and it’s reaching a frightening level of hype. I am feeling the frenzy too. After reading books […]

The 10 Most Amazing Performances of the 2007 Calgary Folk Music Festival

The 2007 Calgary Folk Music Festival, a four-day foray into the world’s best music, took place during the last week of July 2007 at Prince’s Island Park, and the resulting noises and sounds made me wonder what on earth I’ve been doing with my ears my whole life. For posterity and for your perusal, I […]

Kevan and Kendra’s Budgeting Tips for Newlyweds

My wife Kendra and I have been married since August 2006. In the process of combining our respective incomes, bank accounts and shopping priorities, it quickly became clear that if we didn’t develop a system for managing our money, we would very quickly not have any. So after some brainstorming, some inspiration, and a whole […]