The Longest Poem in the World

I love it when serendipitous collisions occur and the result is beautiful art. The Longest Poem in the World is a series rhyming couplets drawn from randomly selected Twitter updates. Looking only for end rhyme, the site’s script pairs one tweet with another to make a couplet, then streams couplet and couplet down the never-ending, […]

Private Vinyl Showroom

FLEA MARKET START It was approaching winter when Rob Snopek carefully loaded up the back of his pick-up truck with over 2000 vinyl records. A collection cobbled together thanks to years of careful searching, lucky finds and generous friends, he was ready to bring his prized albums out of his apartment and into the marketplace. […]

Who is Jeff Wall? The Mystery of 645 East Hastings

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is home to an army of unsolved, unsolveable mysteries. I work there now, in the relative safety of a third-floor office building, and my daily transit commute is peppered by question marks from station to station. Each day I ride past the 8:00 am camp-out at the Bottle Depot, slide past the […]

Cargo Law: The Little Website that ROCKED

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When I first slammed into its old school front page, I didn’t expect “Cargo Law” to be anything more than a cobbled-together, behind-the-times, corporate hack-job of a website, filled with uninteresting, unpleasantly patriotic, law-related content. But after being utterly hypnotized by the incredible photos and stories featured on this site, I am now convinced that […]