BCAMA Digital Agency Panel

BCAMA Digital Panel: May 8, 2013 Featuring Invoke Media, Taxi, Burnkit, Noise Digital and Domain7. Answering the question: “What is the next big thing to watch in digital this year?” Details here!

A class in content strategy with BCIT’s digital design students

Hi everybody! On March 27, 2013, I was privileged to be a guest speaker with BCIT’s digital design and development students, in a marketing class that focused that week on content strategy. Thanks to my amazing worker Erin Whittle for inviting me to be part of it. The class followed an amazing format: it was […]

How do we choose?

In another post for Domain7, I wanted to talk about something I’ve seen in lots of clients: a paralysis about picking.

Why does content strategy exist?

I was excited to write a post for Domain7 on why content strategy exists: If there are other content strategists in the room, I’d love to ask some more questions based on this: 1) I believe in content strategy 100%. My intention is not to undermine the process by asking what the point of it […]

Posts from other places

So the silence is pretty post-apocalyptic here on my site, but I’m not actually dead. Over with Domain7, I’ve still been busy working and writing and scribbling down words. Here’s a collection of some of the works that have materialized in this new space: My first day at Domain7 “At Pixar, they call it beginner’s […]

The World’s Worst Project Manager

Originally published on the official Domain7 blog. Tips on good project management are as common as pre-printed Royal Wedding memorabilia, and they’re just as useful, too. After all, if project management was just about following instructions, we wouldn’t have construction projects going years beyond deadlines or Fast Ferries being sold for scrap metal. Fact: Nobody […]

The Longest Poem in the World

I love it when serendipitous collisions occur and the result is beautiful art. The Longest Poem in the World is a series rhyming couplets drawn from randomly selected Twitter updates. Looking only for end rhyme, the site’s script pairs one tweet with another to make a couplet, then streams couplet and couplet down the never-ending, […]

Redoing your WordPress site in 2009

Self-Googling, the requisite responsibility of the vain and preening web publisher, reveals two main things about me: one, I’m fortunate enough that my own website is the first result when you Google my name. I know there’s real-life, money-making, old-fashioned corporations that don’t even get to say that. Two, and directly related to number one, […]

6 Rules for Online Fundraising for Non-Profits

The future of non-profit fundraising has been sealed: it’s on the web. I am sensing a frenzied agitation and excitement amongst business leaders who are thirsty for the type of success demonstrated by President Obama’s online fundraising campaign, and it’s reaching a frightening level of hype. I am feeling the frenzy too. After reading books […]