Kevan and Kendra’s Budgeting Tips for Newlyweds

My wife Kendra and I have been married since August 2006. In the process of combining our respective incomes, bank accounts and shopping priorities, it quickly became clear that if we didn’t develop a system for managing our money, we would very quickly not have any. So after some brainstorming, some inspiration, and a whole […]

Rock, Records and Redemption

(Written April 2005 for a university class) Christianity has always had a hard time understanding and rubber-stamping most music outside the confines of the “praise and worship” genre. For generations, Christians have stumbled clumsily through different fads and phases, trying to discover the truth about the relationship between music and faith. Over the years, there […]

Lord of the Ringworm

This week, I have noticed a surprising increase in the number of people who approach me to ask “What happened to your face?” In the past, this question has been meant as some kind of insult, and it usually only pops up about once a week – typically Thursdays – when my enemies start feeling […]

Tom & Sarah – I’m Still Wishing

This afternoon, I created a new song, out of two pre-existing songs. The first one is “I’m Still Here” by Tom Waits, and the second is “Your Wish is My Wish” by Sarah Slean. I guess it’s probably better in concept than it is in execution, but here you go. It’s still a very pretty […]