Private Vinyl Showroom

FLEA MARKET START It was approaching winter when Rob Snopek carefully loaded up the back of his pick-up truck with over 2000 vinyl records. A collection cobbled together thanks to years of careful searching, lucky finds and generous friends, he was ready to bring his prized albums out of his apartment and into the marketplace. […]

Who is Jeff Wall? The Mystery of 645 East Hastings

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is home to an army of unsolved, unsolveable mysteries. I work there now, in the relative safety of a third-floor office building, and my daily transit commute is peppered by question marks from station to station. Each day I ride past the 8:00 am camp-out at the Bottle Depot, slide past the […]

Celebrity Iranian President Lookalikes

I have recently detected a surprising resemblance between the president of Iran, and two notable movie stars. The two young Hollywood meat-cakes are commonly known as Jake Gyllenhall (of Donnie Darko, Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain fame), and Ryan Gosling, who was in that one movie about the history teacher on drugs. The president of Iran […]

The 10 Most Amazing Performances of the 2007 Calgary Folk Music Festival

The 2007 Calgary Folk Music Festival, a four-day foray into the world’s best music, took place during the last week of July 2007 at Prince’s Island Park, and the resulting noises and sounds made me wonder what on earth I’ve been doing with my ears my whole life. For posterity and for your perusal, I […]

Cargo Law: The Little Website that ROCKED

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When I first slammed into its old school front page, I didn’t expect “Cargo Law” to be anything more than a cobbled-together, behind-the-times, corporate hack-job of a website, filled with uninteresting, unpleasantly patriotic, law-related content. But after being utterly hypnotized by the incredible photos and stories featured on this site, I am now convinced that […]

Feist concert review: The headliner

Saturday night on May 19, 2007 at the Jubilee Auditorium in Calgary brought 3000 people into the three-floor concert hall to see Feist perform. Raised in Calgary herself, Leslie Feist has more than a passing connection to the city and the venue: at age 6, Feist took the stage to sing for her very first […]

Feist concert review: Opening act, Chad VanGaalen

A review of Feist, live at Calgary’s Jubilee Auditorium (Saturday, May 19, 2007). This is a review of the opening act, Chad VanGaalen. To read the part about Feist, click here! Opening act: Chad VanGaalen I think every opening act I’ve ever seen has somehow convinced me to follow up with the band. It’s through […]

Calgary Flames lost because of a moustache

Paul McLean will eat your soul Approximately seven minutes ago, the Calgary Flames were eliminated from the 2007 Stanley Cup Finals by the Detroit Red Wings. The city fell silent and wept into its pillow. All across the prairie town, the Red Mile turned blue, as thousands of Flames fans untied their western-style jersey collars […]