The cure for corporate blah

“If you want to truly reach people, it’s not going to be through clinical, careful systems. It’s going to be kind of offbeat, slightly terrifying and surprisingly real, and it’s the only stuff that’s ever going to inspire people. There is no such thing as content. The only thing that causes a commotion is hand-crafted, […]

Facebook’s new business model: content producer?

Netflix does it: learns from the tastes of millions to custom-produce content that is almost guaranteed to be a hit. Is that the next big step for social networking companies? Are Twitter and Facebook going to become the new cable networks, the new entertainment companies? After all, what are they going to do with all […]

Pre-speech anticipation

Tonight, I’ve got this pretty big speech I get to give in Vancouver. I’m one of seven speakers talking about “what to watch this year in digital,” and it’s for a crowd of 250 people! Am I excited? Absolutely. I really care about the topic I’m speaking about, and I really hope it connects with […]

5 tips for faster writing

I kept “wishing” I was writing more, until something helped me get unstuck recently: figuring out an easy workflow. By knowing exactly how to get a blog post or a block of text from “not written” to published, it has helped me become way faster at getting things published. I recently wrote this summary to […]

Seeing bad news differently

Every time a terrible news story hits us, it sometimes feel like a growing Atlas-style world of sadness is resting on our shoulders. So much suffering and awfulness in our faces, so despairing and fear-inducing, it’s hard to know how to respond properly. I recently started seeing “bad news stories” a little differently, though, thanks […]

A tide chart for managing moods

Like many folks geared towards the creative side of life, I tend to experience a broad range of emotions. And as Mr. Hyde must make arrangements to manage Jekyll, I’ve wanted to use my higher-functioning emotional states to manage the lower ones. I’ll put it into a more business-safe context and say this: there is […]

Work is not a place

I wanted Scott Berkun to call his upcoming book “Work is Not a Place,” but alas, he’s going with “The Year Without Pants” — still a good one. The idea is this: many “knowledge jobs” are not about physically being somewhere, they’re about accomplishing something. Yes, for many jobs, place is crucial: construction, medicine, etc. […]

Dear Contents Magazine

I sent an article to Contents Magazine in January but didn’t hear back from them. Today I sent them this email (below) to ask what happened. I am still waiting for a response, but thought you all might be interested in reading some helpful tips for some blog posts on content strategy I was considering […]

Not sure I believe in generations

One of my secret weapons in digital strategy is Google Scholar. I find that in the web strategy world, research tends to stay confined to things like business whitepapers, popular journalism, web analytics, usability studies, user surveys and blogs/presentations/opinions from thought leaders. But with easy access to countless online academic journals, there is a whole […]