What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding

What if the only thing that separates us from one another are the stories we tell about each other’s evilness?

Hell is not some distant terror, a punishment doled out by omniscient beings. It’s a reality issued by you and me the moment we say someone is not welcome. You and me draw the lines. We cut and we separate, and the moment we do, we lose part of ourselves.

There is no separateness. Only separateness we create with our stories.

What if the sense of longing-for-something-better is only a self-indulgent fantasy that causes us to no longer participate in the magic in front of us?

Heaven is not some distant reward, a celebration reserved for the righteous. It’s a reality being brought into existence by you and I, when we choose to bring compassion and love to those in front of us, and act to alleviate suffering, extend welcome, nurture others.

What if holiness, purity, perfection, righteousness are all secret code-words for “missing the point”? The intention is compassion. It’s love. It’s welcome.

To be “holy” is to be set apart, separate. That’s a dream that has died. The curtain has torn. The hamster wheel has broken. No longer must humans churn and earn and yearn for “holiness,” in the same sense that we do not wish and pine for our bodies to decompose. The opposite is the desire. Connection. Integration.

Does it frustrate you as it does me, that some of our greatest artists and songwriters have already given voice to these concepts, and we have ignored them, or treated them merely as poets, and not prophets?

When John Lennon sings “Imagine.” When Bob Marley sings “Redemption Song. “When Elvis Costello sings “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding.” These aren’t a lunatic’s pipe dreams, these are the mystical glimpses from souls who have opened themselves up to a greater knowing.

We are here, today, connected with each other in perfect union with the very love and life source that gave us our origin. This is the now, the future, the past, the present plane and the realm of the spiritual, all at once. I hope we can all come to know it. It’s a non-linear, organically-developing plan for renewal that every day comes to fruition, when we surrender our own selfish interests and participate as partners in this source-work. And today, the plan starts with: deep gratitude for our provisions, letting go of resentment, asking others to forgive us for our wrongdoings, staying sensitive to the plan, being mindful of our capacity for distraction and evil. We see that love is the ultimate power and possibility.

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