Impossible Transformation

The words "impossible transformation" are encircled by a series of words: co-create a better world > justice and equity > empathy > love > dialogue > imagination > hope

Is it possible to co-create a better world?

Not unless we come face-to-face with the injustice and inequity that is at our nation’s roots, embedded in our practices, and continuing forth today.  There is no “better world” until there is justice and equity for all.

To see it is to feel empathy. To feel it deeply: this sense of our shared humanity,  to recognize in our gut, the unfairness.

To see the other is to feel love.

We can explore the underlying realities of the other through the practice of dialogue. We can listen, hear, exchange, share, facilitate, moderate, pay attention.

When we listen, our imagination is sparked. Possibilities emerge. Creative can exist again.

It gives hope. Hope that the impossible, maybe, is possible again.

Co-creating a better world, one that is just and equitable for all, is possible if we are centered on empathy and love. Dialogue is often enough to start the conversation, spark the imagination, and reignite hope. It’s not impossible transformation, if we are willing to bring our whole selves to the table.

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