A Mattering Manifesto

Your participation matters. Your ideas and contributions and co-creation helps bring creativity and life to the world. You are an active, awake force on this earth, and you are invited to contribute.  (You are not a passive consumer, waiting to receive the wisdom and words and services of other “more important” participants.)

Your closest relationships matter. You are officially invited to hold closely and intimately your loved ones and provide for them. (You are not “missing out” on a distant, vague calling towards “mission” that somehow diminishes the worth of the people in front of you. You are invited to bring love and generosity to the immediate humans in your care and vicinity.)

Your needs matter. You are not meant to blend into anonymity in a crowd where your needs go unnoticed. You are meant to be known and seen and understood. It is valuable and necessary to voice your own needs vulnerably and request help.

You are not judged. You are a human being. Physical, emotional and biological. You have feelings, and those are part of you. You have instincts, intuitions, ideas. You don’t need to judge your feelings. You don’t need to judge your body. You definitely don’t need to judge yourself.

You are not better than, separate than, different from — anybody. You are not invited to judge others in any capacity, but are instead invited to hold with compassion the thought of the other. We are not separate from one another.

You are part of a story. Histories and texts we read are not locked-in museum pieces behind plexiglass displays. They are journal entries and letters recording stories of people who wondered, wandered, wrestled with ideas and movements. You, wrestle too. You, wander too. You, wonder too.

You are connected to the divine. There is no conduit at all required. In the silence and in the noise, in the kitchen and in the mountains, you are deeply connected to this. Be still, and know.

Your senses matter. You don’t need to wait for the approval of a leadership figure to affirm or confirm you. The exact mind you possess, the body you are planted within, the senses you employ, those are the senses you get to activate to hear, notice, discern and connect with this.

Do you find yourself ignoring, diminishing, reducing the value of your own senses, thoughts, observations and ideas?

Do you find yourself feeling disconnected from the divine?

Do you find yourself viewing old stories as only past-tense, instead of invitations to live out?

Do you find yourself slipping into those othering thoughts or actions?

Do you find yourself judging yourself?

Do you find yourself blunting and dulling your own needs, instead of sharing them with others?

Do you find yourself minimizing your closest relationships, pursuing an impact that is external to you?

Do you find yourself disempowered, viewing yourself as unqualified?

Come awake.

Come away from these patterns of dulling your own humanity.

Begin instead to see yourself as an active, qualified, valuable participant in this life. To see the beauty and depth of those right in front of you, and ascribe value to them. To notice your needs and ask for help. To let go of judging yourself. To see that nobody is separate from you. To see that you are an alive character in a living story.  To experience your connection to the divine, and embrace it. You are invited to value and cherish and express the ideas and thoughts you carry, and act with the certainty of your own mattering.

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