Hi there,

I was wondering if you would like to join me on a somewhat eccentric internet journey.

I’ve been doing a create-daily blogging project since November 2019, and I realize that I don’t really want to do it just for myself. I’d love to invite more people to come along.

The things I write tend to be from the heart and off-the-cuff. I’m exploring a range of themes, from the emotions of fatherhood to the possibility of peace, strange dreams to spiritual curiousities — in the form of the written word, song snippets, kids poetry and drawings and more. For example:

It’s a chance to create an outlet for the creative voice that has been idling in my life for a number of years, laying dormant from a lack of time, but really, a lack of prioritization and an abundance of fear. I’m doing my best to bring courage and wholeheartedness to this project, which is also why I’m inviting you to come along: I’m here to engage authentically with life, hopefully giving you the courage to try the same in your own world.

Here, I endeavour to offer you no hot takes; simply warm gives. There are no like buttons, comment boxes or share icons. It’s a quiet space for reflection and experimentation.

I write daily, and send an email round-up weekly. Most people choose one essay/article/item to read each week from that email (I mark my recommended piece with a ⭐).

My hope is to develop a rhythm of regular expression that helps unearth new thinking — a way of “learning and aliveness-making,” for myself, and for you. I want to practice realness, authenticity, and self-expression, on the frickin’ internet, of all places.

I’m also working on a book project, and hope this can be home where I share writing, thinking and progress on that — and that this community will develop into something that helps grow a readership over time, full of its own wisdom and authenticity.

If you’re into it, please join me. The sign-up box is in the footer.