Proposing a Global Jubilee

So I’ve been thinking for a few years about the idea of a Global Jubilee. A radical sabbatical.

The idea is: everything and everybody takes a well-coordinated break from all work-related activities. For a whole year.

All non-essential activities cease. Manufacturing, shipping, transportation, retail, design, engineering, entertainment, you name it; it all ceases. 

In this year of ceasing activities, our fields and industries and individuals get to lie fallow. A global breath. The international shipping lanes no longer generate noise and waste. Planes stop flying. We stay home, with our family and friends; we walk, we connect, we rest. A chance to pay back debts, share with each other, and rest from our busy activity.  People return to spend time with their families, to co-create, re-create, pro-create.

We plan for it over the course of the next — pick your timeframe. A decade from now? Should we pick 2030 as our year? Or earlier: 2025?

Anyway, there’s much to be done. We’ll have to build up our savings, our food reserves. We’ll have to get better at taking care of each other, sharing resources, connecting with our neighbours. We’ll have to ensure we have plans and ways to get ready for the planet’s first Global Jubilee.

We’ll tell stories about it for generations to come.

“What did you do during the Jubilee year?”

Can you imagine? How on earth would we achieve that? If you’re a planner or a schemer or coordinator, we’ll definitely need your help. If you’re seeing holes in this idea, great; you’re probably gifted at seeing dangers and risks. Can you write them down to help us plan? Perhaps you’re thinking it’s not possible. It would be lovely if you could use that gift of realistic sight to help us catch what we’re missing. All gifts, all talents, all cynicism and joy will be needed in order to power this endeavour. Spread the word, and see you in 2025!