Four warnings

Sickness swirls around us today, like the thrashing snow that beats against our windows. The wind, normally unseen, is highlighted like blankets and bedsheets on top of a hide-and-seeker. It chases white flecks like a dog yapping at a lazy flock of birds. And these phantom viruses, they have slithered through those tiny bodies and cast our children aside like dirty laundry every surface of our house.

Four Environment Canada warnings are posted for tonight: a blowing snow warning, a snowfall warning, a cold temperature warning, and a highways warning. And inside, four children’s bodies experience their own inner storms.

Our house shakes with the wild howls of wind that come crashing at our walls. Punches of arctic air pound into our home. Cresting waves of snow pile up against our front door. We’re going nowhere tonight, hearing the storming.

Not that we would be leaving anyway. The wind of a humidifier thrums from our children’s bedrooms. Raspy coughs punctuate the air inside. Wilted bodies in pajamas get lifted into bunk beds and cribs. We have nowhere to be but here, healing and warming.