Viral cramping

Today was another Tuesday morning with Rosie.

As she played on the trampoline, my mind couldn’t shake the restless ambition inside me that there is something more beyond our current moment. It’s the frenetic sense of needing to prove myself, be seen. I call it “viral cramping” — a sense of physical discomfort caused from the frustration at not being recognized.

How sad. In that moment, what I wanted was to issue a call to every parent alive: what you are doing now is meaningful and valuable. These are the front lines. This is as intense and demanding as any aspect of your career or training. This is as valuable to the thriving and flourishing of our civilization as as any other task you may choose to pursue: don’t relent. You offering your presence to the next generation through genuine love and care will have an extraordinary impact beyond today. Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t back down or give up. Don’t walk away or imagine that purpose lies elsewhere. You are where you are meant to be. Double-down, invest, get connected with this exact moment; it is a profound and powerful experience that will last a lifetime.

And so I saw the snow breaking apart on the trampoline like shattered glass. The fog settled in over the deep snow over the white valley on this glowing day. I was simply there, not elsewhere.