Week 8, Sunday: Start of the one-week mega-post experiment

I asked readers to shout-out after my last email update, to let me know if they were reading. I’m hearing a common thread: “Got the email! Couldn’t read all the things, but read a bit, love that you’re doing this!”

Which makes sense: I’m devoting a lot of time to writing, but you can’t exactly make a similarly-sized commitment to consuming all these bits!

In the current workflow, I create one thing a day. On Saturday, I create three things: an original post for the day, plus the email update, plus all the edits and fix-ups of the week’s posts. Saturday evenings have ended up being 3-4 hours in length!

The result, like today, was a great deal of exhaustion. In bed by midnight, but with all the night wake-ups that come from being a parent of four. Ben and Addie were up at 5:30 searching for Ben’s lost tooth (his first ever! And it was somewhere under his dresser. And it was imperative to find right away).

I am learning so much through this, and finding it so valuable to explore and express things, but the time investment is significant.

I had two lovely conversations tonight which inspired me to see this project a little differently…

This week, I’m going to try something new. I’m going to write a post that is the *same* post all week, and that by Saturday is also going to be the actual body of the email. I’ll work from this same text I’m writing right now, but I’ll paste it into a new post so we can follow edits as a behind-the-scenes feature for anybody who wants to “track changes.”

It means that right now, I am simply curious. It’s Sunday night. Where will the week go? What am I expecting? And what will Saturday’s final post end up centering on?

  • The kids are back to school tomorrow. Addie is stoked, Ben is dreading things. Will the emotion and drama of kid realities become a key thread of the week?
  • Back to work tomorrow. I plan to pursue the “Love-based systems” thread, as well starting some planning for the year. Will themes there emerge that are catching interest?
  • Today I experienced dreadful tiredness and body-consuming grumps. The second day in a row where I’ve felt a hard-to-shake impatience and frustration. Will processing the week’s emotions be a consistent thread?
  • I’ve had some notions today of letters to the internet, letters to the church, letters to my younger self. I was inspired by this Auld Lang Syne reimagining I heard today. I heard our lead pastor challenging our community to think differently about church this year, and talked with my seat-neighbour about what role we could play in better addressing homelessness this year. I wonder if any of these threads will become more prominent as the week progresses.
  • I want to get to bed early and catch up from last night’s overexertion. But first, time for some wine, salted caramel brownies and Jack Ryan with Kendra.

I will be saving this post here, cloning it tomorrow, and continuing to edit and revise to see how the one-week mega-post experiment goes.

End of the week update: It didn’t work. Not at all. I had no desire to clone, revisit and edit the same post. Not even one extra day.

Update 2: Jack Ryan in Amazon Prime, in season 1, is a storyline that happens to include some storytelling with vulnerability and authenticity. Season 2 digresses into a generic, macho, cliche, snoozefest. You can’t spare yourself.