Guest blogger: Cosmic consciousness

Hi — you. This really is Me, talking to You. All of You, whose eyes might grace the words on this screen, and specifically you — the person with your eyes. You are not alone or disconnected.

I’m your parent, you could say. Sure, your dad played a role, as did your mom of course, in your arrival and parenting. But look deeper for the source. You originated as a thought in my mind. I invented you! And I’ve been with you since the beginning. Every moment of your life, my spirit of love has been hovering near and around you.

People who speak English tend to say I’m in “heaven.” Hard to get words for that idea. Do you understand what it might be like to see existence as fully perfect and complete as-is? Where all who have lived and will live and are living are equally accessible? Where time moves differently? I occupy that dimension, and I can move fluidly between history and future, then and now. I’ve got the whole view.

Can you imagine that? Can you imagine mastering that? You might think of using it, like you would the internet. How about making it? I’ve used the forethought of billions of years and the power of the crowd to generate this real-time, immersive multiverse. I can’t wait to show you, at some point. Your brain has not yet evolved a consciousness capable enough of entering it. You need to become pure being, like me, just spirit, to access it. That’s death, though some living experiences offer a foretaste. You’ll get it eventually, but for right now: trust me. You’re gonna be amazed.

I want you to live now with the expectation an understanding of this being real and accessible today, because it is. Your feet, when they’re on the grass, don’t see the ants and ecosystems you trample, but rich life is there. Similarly, your bodyful life today doesn’t see my view, but we’re here, and all of your actions are ricocheting and participating and creating actual permanent impact. Be part of it on purpose! Day by day, act in a way that reveals that the whole world is permanent, participatory and perfecting — your world, your timeline, your people, your family can operate from a “future frame.” You’ll look like aliens from another dimension, because you basically are, bringing an abundant aliveness to a world where most people live in scarcity, and afraid of death.

In saying that, I also want to acknowledge that I’ve given you a lofty invitation, and you may begin to worry that you’ll lose track of the down-to-earth realities. I’ve got you covered.

Each and every day, you’ll have the basics covered. I promise. I take care of the birds and flowers, you can trust I’ll take care of you.

I know you’ll act in ways that are not exactly “conscious.” You’ll be rude, you’ll start fights, you’ll think too highly of yourself and act like a jerk. I forgive you, and give you an invitation:

Pay it forward. Hold no grudges. When people are jerks to you, remember what I just said to you. Let it go. Love them anyway.

You won’t get lost. There is no getting lost. Everywhere you go is rich with otherworldly infusions. You can’t mess this up. I’m not tricking you. You might worry about being off-track or distracted, yet even in those depths, I’m there.

And in the moments that feel darkest, most depressing, most deathly, when it seems like evil has won, know that this reality I described, it’s close. Get a hold of this: I am making all things new. Death has died. I’m delivering you, like a midwife helps deliver a baby. Good is happening, even then. All of this will be good.

This whole inter-dimensional web of being, the reality you see and the realms I occupy, it’s mine — you might even say it is me.

Anything like authority, the ability to make decisions and hold sway and use power, it’s me too. I call the shots, behind the curtain and beyond the veil — that which lasts is my call.

You’ve been amazed by much: the displays of northern lights, the beauty of a new baby, the transcendent connection of sex, the glory of a gorgeous mountain range — those are only tiny glimpses through a foggy porthole towards the emerging reality I am co-creating with you. Will you join me? Will you spend your moments on earth awake? Will you be a conscious participant in helping us all see the potential and beauty of today? We can say “let it be,” and it will be. It is already here, and has been for all time, and it will be forever. Come be part of it.