“Step inside of my plain Honda
We goin’ up to see Jane Fonda.
Step inside of my green Nissan,
We goin’ up to see Liam Neeson!”

This song fragment has been kickin’ around my head this week. I’ve been hollering it in garages and showers and hallways, extending the lines into different versions. And while I’ve recorded a few voice memos of different versions, this one’s my fave. Benjamin got into a call-and-response rhythm, and totally nailed it. (100% sure he has no idea who either of those celebs are, but all my kids can be heard singing this little stanza these days.)

Obviously this draws from Beck’s song Debra, which has the unforgettable line where he croons in a falsetto, “I say lady…step inside my Hyundai. I’m going take you up to Glendale…”

I also really enjoy that emerging acts like Brockhamption write their song titles on ALL CAPS, just for sheer decisiveness. Yes, this IS THE TITLE OF MY SONG. WE CAN’T CHANGE IT NOW.

I found myself entranced with the activity of trying to identify lackluster vehicle models to pair with rhyming celebrities. The two in this couplet were my favourite, but here were a couple other no-gos:
– Porche Roadster / Portia De Rossi (poor rhyme, car too fancy)
– Embarrassing Ford / Harrison Ford (too easy and samesey)
– Navy Jetta / David Guetta (…)
– Zamboni / Tie Domi
…by then I realized I was ruining the magic. All we need is Jane Fonda and Liam Neeson.

Perhaps your brain would like to continue to explore possible combos? We can get a whole full-length song written and produced on here.

Full disclosure: activities like this are taking place in my mind and my house whether or not I’m on a “creating daily” project. Now we have the “benefit” of getting these snippets out into the world.

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