Peace is (literally) possible

Speaking only literally, we are all connected.

At the very basic level of literalism and logic and linear thinking, we are all interdependent.

Without employing any metaphors, appealing to emotion, referencing spirituality, or being remotely mystical, the following statement is true: we are one.

Whether through the exchange of oxygen, shared eventual ancestry, our experience of the weather and water cycle, the participation in global markets, our presence on the internet, we are not separate from each other.

The only thing separating us are the stories we tell each other.

When I tell a story that says I’m separate from them because of [ language, beliefs, location, anatomy], the only thing doing the separating is me.

All our physical reality is pushing hard to remind us that there is no such separation. Gravity itself pulls us towards common ground. I mean that only literally.

Peace is possible, if only scientifically and literally and logically. It’s only our stories that keep us at war.

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You need some “Like” and “Share” buttons on these posts. Because this, I like and want to share.
As a teller of stories, I so believe this. Stories keep us at war – they also bring us together.

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